Fast Food

Ok, so I’ll admit that I may have had a number of food-related posts of late, but food always seems to work for when it comes to metaphors. Today it’s fast food, the food we get when we are lazy, late, moody, broke, or even because it sounds good. Fast food is exactly what the name implies; it’s fast and inherently convenient.

I looked for him, but did not find him. I called him, but he did not answer.” Song of Solomon 5:6

The passage above describes the “Beloved”, or the female lover in the book Song of Solomon, also commonly referred to as Song of Songs. She cannot find her lover–and it’s not convenient for her. She wants to see him, in fact she goes in search of him, only to be beaten up. She longs to see him, but he is not there. There are always times when we need God. And God will be there for you whenever you truly need him. In fact, he’s always there, just maybe not making everything perfect like we want. God moves behind the scenes all the time. But this isn’t convenient for us. It’s a difficult concept to grasp: Why would God put us through hard times? Why would he have us struggle?

There’s a movie about a nanny, that is, Nanny McPhee, which involves rebellious children coming to learn responsibility and etiquette according to this “magical” government nanny. One of the lines mentioned in both the end and the beginning mentions that the nanny is there when the children do not want her to be, and not there when they would like her to be.

Amazingly, this story applies well to our lives. God, oddly enough, is like the nanny, and, yes, we are like the rebellious children. We have to appreciate God at all times, despite our wishes. I often find myself saying ‘God, why can’t you just stay out of this one thing?’, but it is these moments when we need him most. We have to give all of ourselves up to him to ever live truly happy or successful lives.

It’s not always convenient. God doesn’t arrive at our beck and call. We have to do things his way, not our way, to make things work out in the end.


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