Trust is injured with a few words. It’s delicate and fragile, and yet it’s breaking is something we see everyday–if we don’t experience it ourselves. People are constantly injuring or being injured, and the loop of pain and causing pain continues.

We are told people are cruel and will be this way in Isaiah. The prophet is inspired with countless messages and predictions, and this specific verse comes from a prophecy on God’s judgment of Israel. He says,

People will oppress each other–man against man, neighbor against neighbor. The young will rise up against the old, the nobody against the honored.” Isaiah 3:5

I love the simplicity of the line above, saying, “people will oppress each other”. It really goes to show that cruelty is a fact of life and of nature that we have to learn to deal with. I was once told that “there is no such thing as bad people, only hurting people.” Every criminal, murderer, abusive father, or anyone who injures others is not evil, they simply have not received the redemption and life-changing power of Jesus Christ in their lives. And this is the power, the truth, that we must give all people.

This post is about two scenarios. The first is you or me being broken. The second is about everyone else in the world who is broken; the people we are sent to help.

The first step for us is accepting the truth that people’s oppression has existed and will exist always. Nonetheless, God’s redemption for us is available always, and his assistance is always ready, 24/7, to move in our lives. When we need it, when simply aren’t strong enough, God will absolutely move in our lives. There is another side, though. He also wants to make us stronger, and as we trek on through difficulty, trusting that he will come through, we are strengthened in spirit and in our relationship with God. In layman’s terms: trust God. The same applies to others, those saved and those not saved. As I described in yesterday’s post, when we faithfully believe in God, he supplies us spiritual (and physical) protection. Those who trust in the Lord are blessed.

The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him…” Nahum 1:7

And not only does he care, he guards, protects, and supplies everything they need. The Lord cares for all, and he wants to have a relationship with all. Everyone can trust God. He will never break your trust or anyone else’s. That’s why no matter how broken anyone is, they can always come to the Lord.

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