A Forgotten God: Jealous

If there is any message that gets preached way too much it is the stereotyped God-loves-you-and-has-a-plan-for-you message, referencing Jeremiah 29:11. But God is way more complicated than we can imagine and surprisingly enough there is much more to him. This week, our Geeks on Faith posts will be all about the often forgotten characteristics of God, starting today with God being jealous of you and me.

We usually wouldn’t think about something like this. The very Lord of All and King of Kings gets jealous over me? Oddly enough, yes.

Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” Exodus 34:14

God is described as to have the very name of “Jealous”. It makes sense when you think about it: with love comes jealousy. We should all know that God loves us unfailingly and unconditionally, and with that he is jealous when we don’t give him any of our time or devotion.

The first thing I think of when it comes to jealousy is a ridiculous social drama all the way from 7th grade.  What unsettled me most behind that stage was a girl who would simply not lay off me. She didn’t really talk to me or send me desperate love notes, she would simply stare at me. This girl, constantly, would follow me and stare at me and stalk me; she was obsessed with me. It got to the point where all my friends wanted to help, so we huddled up and came up with a plan–the kind of plan only middle school students could. Our plan was to make the girl who was so obsessed with me think that I was unavailable (Yes, at that time I understood very little about girls…even less than now.) Of course, I wasn’t actually dating the girl I wanted to yet, and she didn’t go to the school. Alternatively, we thought of the bright idea to ‘decoy’ the stalker. So, I pretended that I had a girlfriend who wasn’t really my girlfriend. It seemed to work for about the first five minutes and then it was clear it wasn’t solving the problem. But, like any good social drama, it came down to the show’s closing party. It all ended when the obsessive girl was found crying in the bathroom. Though that wasn’t even the real end to it all, I learned a lot about how not to handle a girl, and it eventually occurred to me that the girl who had stalked me had only been made more jealous.

God’s jealousy is a little different. He isn’t jealous over our spouses or girlfriends or boyfriends, and he doesn’t exactly stalk us either, but he does want us to spend time with him and to be devoted to him. He wants us to love him as he loves us. The Lord Almighty wants you to care about him and live your life for his glory and purpose.

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