Next iPad Unveiled

Today, a press event in San Francisco revealed a number of new Apple products, including the iOS 5.1 release, iTunes 10.6, a new 1080p Apple TV, and of course the new iPad. Apple presented the device about 1:23 pm this afternoon, and every minute after that we will all be waiting until the preorders begin on March 7th, but more importantly the release on the 16th. This new iPad is just about everything we all expected, and is really an incredible device, but has yet to be given an official name. Here’s the quick-take on new features:

  • 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution (HD Retina Display)
  • 4G LTE and 3G supported ($629 for 4 GB), or WiFi only ($499 for 4GB)
  • A slight .6mm thicker than the iPad 2
  • Dual-core A5X central processor
  • Quad-core graphics processor
  • Hotspot support
  • Siri voice control

The iPad has us all drooling once again, especially as we are all  impressed by the dedicated four-core GPU, but there are no features which make us all tear $600 out of our bank accounts for that 3G/4G/LTE version quite yet. There is hope for the wallet with the reduced iPad 2 price of $399 (16 GB).

Sources: USA Today, TCPJ


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