The Story of His Love

This isn’t just a post. This is a post explaining a lot of questions that many Christians, and non-Christians, often have. And that’s what this week is going to be mostly featuring; the stories of our universe and the world we live in. Understanding the why and how and who of our universe is key to our lives, and that’s what this week is all about.

Firstly, love is a choice. It is not merely fate, and it is not predetermined. That’s why it’s such a big deal that Jesus gave his life for us.

Everyday we choose. Right or wrong. We choose who our love goes to. And that’s the way God wanted it, too. He didn’t want us to be forced into his ways, and especially not out of them, so he gave us the choice of love. Adam and Eve are one of the best examples of this. The Garden of Eden was perfect and fantastic, but God did not fully hide the two from the face of evil. He gave them the same choice as us. It just so happens that they made the wrong one.

The sad thing is, if they truly loved God, they could have at least asked him about it. We know that God will listen to us if we ask him, and though we may face choices everyday which may challenge us, there is one choice that truly matters now and always. This choice is simply to choose Christ.

We were shown the kind of love we should display when God sent his only son to us, reduced to a limited, normal, and completely human person just like us. And not only did he reduce him, but he sacrificed him. For me. For you. And for the world.

God showed us sacrificial love of the greatest kind, and we know that God saved us through this. Now, we are given an even more literal choice. Jesus died to redeem our sins, to wash us white as snow, but we must first acknowledge this and accept him to receive this redemption. This is our choice. We may choose to love God and serve him, to be with him and have a relationship with him as he longs to, or we may not.

We are sent to follow Jesus’ example of love. Not only does this mean that we love our “neighbors” and everyone in this world, but we must also love God. While Jesus is of the trinity, he had to trust in the Father’s plan as he was suffering–dying upon the cross. And he didn’t do that for nothing. He did it so that we didn’t have to chase after false Gods, he did it so we didn’t have to suffer without him. As his creation, we are made to worship God and to serve him, and without him in our very lives, our lives are not complete.

Love is a choice. Adam and Eve made the wrong choice–and kind of messed it up for all of us–but we don’t have to make that choice. We have the opportunity to choose Christ and be redeemed, as God wishes us to. And even more than that, we can tell others about this simple choice which has a powerful effect in eternity.

Do you have a question about Christianity or a topic you would like featured this week? Get in contact with us and we’ll make a point to feature your topic!

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