The Story of Sin

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the stories of the world and all in it. That’s why I want to start this post out by saying this:
I’m not perfect, and I absolutely do not know everything. I am not a lunatic who claims to know anything and everything about God.

All right, now that that’s over and done with, we can get started on today’s refresh on the how and why of sin.

First of all, sin came into the world, as we all know with Adam and Eve. It was with the wrong choices they made that they were separated. They fell into temptation and ruined it for all of us. But surely God didn’t base everything on two people’s choice. And he didn’t. We choose to separate ourselves.
But you’ve heard about that. Sin is here in our world and causing pain as evil is so prominent in our society and throughout our planet.

But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of coveting.” Romans 7:8

This is a description about one case of sin encouraging someone to sin.
We all face evil of three kinds:
The Flesh – Our natural tendency to sin, along with our desires which are sometimes out of place.
The World – The societies of our planet are filled with temptations and terrible examples for how to live our lives.
The Devil – Spiritual forces of darkness are acting against us all the time, whether the devil or his demons. (Note that God guarantees that with him in our heart, we are protected!)

We are faced constantly by sin, and we have to understand that that is a natural part of our world, and we have to overcome it through Jesus.

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