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Showing our Social Side

We now have our Facebook and Twitter pages up and running! So make sure to like us at and follow as at

Official Launch: February 4th

Things have been a little slow over here at Triple Vertex, but we promise to be on our feet by February 4th. By then, we will be on the ball daily to bring you the best of your passions. So spread the word! We’ve only got a week left. Look for posts concerning our soon-to-be Facebook page and Twitter.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t be Distracted

We would like Triple Vertex to be a great resource for your geeky satisfaction, but there is a more important purpose. That purpose is to support you in your walk with God–as a geek. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you inspiration for following God in your own life.

We may be fanboys for our favorite games, electronics, or TV show, but it is more important that we’re fanboys of God. That said, our lives as geeks shouldn’t get in the way of our lives as Christians. Need proof?

Then the cares and anxieties of the world and distractions of the age, and the pleasure and delight and false glamor and deceitfulness of riches, and the craving and passionate desire for other things creep in and choke and suffocate the Word, and it becomes fruitless.” (Mark 4:19 AMP)

Jesus says to us that the “distractions of the age…choke and suffocate the Word”. That means outside of our geek pride, we need to remember to put God first, and that means before anything else, or it could get in the way of our relationship with God. So remember, even while you have your eyes on your new game or phone, you should always keep your eyes on the eternal prize. Our disclaimer to you is that while our site may intrigue you, we warn you to never let it distract you from God.

On the Radar: Epic Mickey 2

Though we may all have mixed feelings on the first Epic Mickey, I hope the second will change that. That’s right–the second Epic Mickey, innovatively called Epic Mickey 2, is expected next Christmas season.

The game will be coop, first player being Mickey and second player being Oswald. We don’t know if it will pick up where the previous story left off or if it will have a whole new story. The game will be available on Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. Naturally the Xbox and PS3 will be HD, but they won’t have the motion controls that the Wii has.

via gamesradar

Battle of the Mobile OSs Part 1: Apps

Modern technology markets move at the speed of sound, and mobile smartphones are no exception. In the war of the mobile platforms, it is always a trick to what’s best for you. It’s difficult to decide which operating system is truly superior, as they all seem to have their advantages and downsides. Android, for example, has a huge variety of free apps, along with an enormous ROM and hacking community, but often sacrifices other things, like software efficiency, or iOS, which though it has the greatest app store around limits hardware options and software customizations. And whether it’s iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, the apps for your smartphone are an important aspect to consider.

Here are the stats on apps:

iOS: Over 500,000

Android: Over 340,000

Windows Phone: About 60,000

Blackberry: Over 43,000 (as of December 2011, according to

Each marketplace does, however, have its problems and caveats.

Android, for instance, has a large percentage of low-quality apps, according to AppBrain. Though the app growth is considerable, there is much fragmentation between Android marketplaces to specific manufacturers and even apps which may include risks to the user identity and integrity of the software.

iOS may be the biggest, but it still lacks the streamlining, or perfection if you will, of demos, and upgrading to a paid version. Along with this, some argue that an app selection that is too large makes it difficult to weed out what you want.

Windows Phone, though growing, still has a lack of some major app titles. The Windows Phone Marketplace did notably grow from an estimated 50,000 apps to 60,000 in about 25 days, so the platform could see some very rapid progression in the future. It does also have the support of many independent developers, dedicated individually to their apps, and therefore responsive to users.

As for Blackberry, there has been little to no data released by RIM on the actual numbers of apps in Blackberry’s App World, though some other figures, such as an alleged 2 billion total app download were officially announced at CES 2012. It may also be noted that a substantial number of ‘apps’ in the App World may also be eBooks, though the same may apply to any app store.

This covers the four major mobile operating systems, but there are more out there. For WebOS, MeeGo, Symbian and whoever more, the app selection is rarely substantial. Also, look out for future posts on the ever-raging battle of the operating systems, for the showdown of other features (or the lack thereof).

via AppBrain,, Crackberry, iMore, and WMPU

Continue reading: Battle of the Mobile OSs Part 2: Ecosystems and Extras.

The Beginning

These are the posts of the blog Triple Vertex. To boldly blog where no one has blogged before.

We might not have a starship, but we can certainly make do. With this first post, however, we do begin a journey. Triple Vertex is not a regular technology blog. Neither is it an average gaming blog. And what’s better, it’s not a run-of-the-mill Christian blog either. With Triple Vertex, you have all of these things in one. It is a community of geeks for God. While it may be some time before we have our act fully together, Triple Vertex will be a source for information and discussion of the latest in technology and gaming. And not only that, but we will also blog about our walks with God as techies and gamers.

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