About Triple Vertex

Who are we?

We’re like you. We’re geeks at heart; we love technology, video games, and more. But more importantly, we’re followers of Jesus Christ. In this community of Christian geeks, we’re all the same in eternal purpose, and we all like the same cool things.

Triple Vertex is where your interests meet. We discuss the latest in gaming and technology, and we talk about what it means to live a Christian life as a geek. We release articles and overviews of the biggest geeky news at least once a week as major stories come.

Geeks on Faith is all about short, simple, and sweet pieces of God’s word and message that we need to always remember. It’s sort of like a reminder of all of the things God does and has in store. We release our Geeks on Faith posts every week. We also proudly use the bible services of both BibleGateway and YouVersion, quoting passages from a variety of translations in our Geeks on Faith posts (usually NIV).

To sum up who we are, we are passionate Christians. We don’t want to just go with the flow of society, or sacrifice what we believe for the world, we strive to stand strong even when it’s not easy. The battle of life is difficult, and the eternal war is ever-waging, and we believe it is not meant to be fought alone. We are warriors, fighting in the Lord’s name.

We are the ultimate website for the Christian geek.

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